Highlangus calf?

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Yepper! We have our first Highlangus calf (ScottishHighlander/Angus)

Cow In The Spring Pasture

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Our Newest Highland Calf

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One of Lanna’s last bottles in the house. We moved her outside with her momma after treating Lily for mastitis

Lilly's calf Lanna

You don’t get t see a calf in a diaper everyday.  Lanna was born on the 27th.

Lanna in the pasture

4/3: It doesn’t take Lanna long to finish her bottle. She doesn’t always take the whole thing. I think that is a good sign that Lily is producing enough milk that Lanna only needs one bottle a day.

WANTED: Dairy Cows

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We're looking for 30-40 organic dairy cows.

Back in Sept. we thought we fund the perfect herd.  *** some cows pictured above *** We made an offer and it was accepted.  We then sent the guy a deposit check and purchase agreement... but they were sent back to us, without an explanation - not even a note.  Apparently, the bank is now looking for the herd's owner... and the herd.

So our search begins again.  We would like to find a herd of Jersey cows or Jersey-crossbreds - preferably all from one (or two) farm(s).  As we are a pasture based farm, we are looking for a no-grain herd.   We have a total of 165 acres with 65 acres of pasture and 50-60 acres of alfalfa in rotation.

Feel free to contact us if you have some info that can help us with our search - 320 . 523 . 6455 or via Facebook.

Benji Is Growing Up

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Tonight, Benji (our new calf) will have his own pen.  We decided to do some milk production management, early on.  If we want the most milk from our cow that she is willing to provide with our once-a-day milking routine, we need to separate her and her calf at night.  This a practice that has worked well for us with goats and we see no reason why it won’t work with Miss Daisy.

As with goat kids, we have Benji in a pen as close to momma as possible.  He will spend his nights in a small pen of his own… but close enough to touch noses with mom.  Then, after the morning milking, he will be lead back to Miss Daisy for all the rest of the day’s milk.  Then separated again at night.

What to do with Miss Daisy’s 1st Milk

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It’s been 3 days since our cow has calved and we now have 3+ gallons of milk (from this morning’s milking).  It’s the first milk that we’ll be keeping.  The milk looks good.  Carol’s calling it our “white gold.”

Being it is the first milk from Miss Dairy, we’re trying to decide what to do with it or what to make of it.  Do we make cheese, Kefir, butter, ice cream or just drink it?  Drinking 3 gal. of milk is not an option, especially when we still have over a gallon of raw milk that we purchase from Farmer Mike, not too long ago.

raw milk

Miss Daisy’s first milk to keep

We’re very excited to see where the cream line is, once the butterfat rises to the top.  I guess we’ll know tomorrow.

Our Newest Addition – Benji

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On the coldest day of the year (statistically, the coldest day in four years), our Jersey/Lineback cross cow had her calf.  A few days earlier, our Minnesota winter temperatures were comfortable… in the mid-30′s.  But on this day, our high temp. reached -8°F.  It was so cold that our wireless weather station displayed ‘OFL‘ for a wind-chill reading.  ‘OFL’ is code for ‘Outside Factory Limits‘.  The factory limit is -40°F.

Miss Daisy gave birth to a nice sized bull calf – not big, but not small either.  With several name suggestions from friends & fans on our Facebook Page, the name Benji seems to stick.

our new calf Benji

Homemade Beef Summer Sausage

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We had planned to start this recipe yesterday, but… well… that didn’t work-out.  So, just before Carol started supper tonight, she found a few minutes to mix-up the beef, cure and spices for our home-made beef sausage.

More of our favorite recipes are found here: Recipes

This beef summer sausage is a flavorful homemade cured meat, on the dry side.  It gets formed into rolls, baked, and sliced.  The recipe is as follows:

Homemade Beef Summer Sausage

This beef summer sausage is a flavorful homemade cured meat, on the dry side. It gets formed into rolls, baked, and sliced. Yield: 5 lbs (or 5 rolls) The recipe is as follows:
  • 5 pounds very lean ground beef (we used our 92% lean, grass-fed beef)
  • 5 heaping teaspoons of Morton’s “Tender Quick” curing salt

Loan Approval – Good News or Bad News?

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I guess it all depends on who you ask.  Just don’t ask Carol or Madison.

Yesterday, we received two loan approval letters from the USDA’s Farm Service Admin.  They approved our loan request(s) for setting up an organic dairy.  We requested a 1 yr $10,000 loan for operation expenses as we transition from crop production to dairy.  We also requested a $120,000 loan for buying Certified Organic dairy cattle and some basic hay & silage equipment… as well as everything we need to outfit a milk-room (bulk tank, compressor, vac. pump, 2″ pipeline, milker units, etc…).  I think Carol and Madison are both excited… but anxious at the same time.  Once we have the dairy operating, it’ll be a HUGE lifestyle change.

The Season’s First Calf

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Since the 5th of the month, we’ve been watching two of the farm’s Scottish Highlanders for signs of calving.  9 months ago, on June 28th, we brought home our new bull, Eldorado.  Well, we’re happy to announce that one of our big red cows (Sammy) dropped the first calve of the season.  She apparently had a trouble free birth.  When found, the calf was dried-off, had pooped and was quick getting to his feet.  That’s right “his” feet.  Sammy had a bull calf.

sammys highlander bull calf

The 1st Calf Of The Season

Last year, Sammy wasn’t so lucky.  Although she, again, had the first calf of the season, she delivered prematurely and the calf was dead.  She had a little heifer calf – the same color as this year’s calf.  So, even though she had a bull calf this year, we were excited to see a living, breathing and on-time calf.  We’re thinking of naming him Conway.  The name is Gaelic in origin, and the meaning of Conway is “hound of the plain“.  In our area that would be a reference to a coyote, which we have plenty of.